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We are a key supplier of artificial grass in Nottingham. We specialise in the installation of a variety of types of artificial grass for a wide variety of uses and customers. Our experienced and dedicated team prioritises having a friendly and open relationship with our customers We demonstrate this through our excellent customer satisfaction and service records. To us, the key to this is our friendly, respectful, and helpful nature as a company. Customers need not feel afraid to ask our team any of the questions on their minds regarding artificial turf. Our team is happy to offer answers and advice, as well as free consultations. This is why we’re the best installers of artificial grass Nottingham has.

At Nottingham Artificial Grass we set ourselves apart from other suppliers of artificial grass in Nottingham with our incredibly high standards of installation, as well as with our versatility, we can tackle any task you put in front of us. No matter the application or customer, we ensure open communication and assistance. This is key to achieving the levels of success and customer satisfaction that we have over the years.

What is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is a surface that is comprised of artificial fibres, made to imitate and replace real grasses and lawns. Artificial grass has been a staple of many gardens and sports arenas for the past five decades, and it is still going strong! Many more people are finally taking the plunge and making the decision to go with artificial turf in recent years.

There are a variety of reasons that an individual may decide to make the switch, much as there are many applications that they may use it for. As well as this, artificial turf is available in a wide variety of lengths and styles, giving it a huge benefit of versatility over its natural counterpart. It is important to us is that no matter if the turf is being supplied for your lawn or a sports arena, it is always premium quality and is installed by our highly knowledgeable team.

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What Are the Benefits of Artificial Grass?

There are a wide range of benefits for the use of artificial turf over natural grass, many of which depend on the specific application of the turf, whether it is for landscaping or sports. Let’s run through the key examples of these benefits and how they outweigh those of natural grass:

No Watering or Maintenance

Grass lawns may look nice but they are a pain to maintain. Not only is watering and mowing your natural lawn time consuming, but it also costs more over time to maintain. With an artificial turf these concerns are simply not an issue.

No more lawn maintenance
Different artificial grass shades

Choice of Colours and Styles

Unlike a grass lawn which is often largely outside of the owner’s control, an artificial lawn can be tailored to the needs of the individual far more. Whether this is in terms of the colour or shade of the lawn, or its style or height, these can all be adjusted to suit your preferences and needs.


Artificial lawns can be used for a wide range of applications beyond simply replacing grass lawns. This versatility makes them an excellent choice for multipurpose areas, or areas in which a natural grass surface would simply not be achievable.

artificial grass in garden
no more weeds

No Pests or Weeds

The artificial nature of artificial grass also means that many of the frustrating aspects of owning a grass lawn are avoided. Issues such as pests or weeds infecting your lawn area are a thing of the past when there’s an artificial turf in its place!

Long Life Expectancy

It is inevitable that your artificial lawn will eventually need to be replaced. However, depending on the type of artificial grass that you select these lawns can have a long life expectancy, far beyond that of a standard grass lawn.

no more dead grass

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Who Uses Artificial Grass in Nottingham?

Artificial grass is used by a wide range of people, for a wide range of applications. While, of course, we cannot cover every single possible use of artificial turf, we will run through the central applications of it and who we serve as a company:


With the reduced maintenance time, as well as the reduced costs of maintenance and replacement, artificial turf becomes an ideal choice for many in their own home’s garden. Along with the cost, the added benefits of customisation available with regards to the colour, length, and style of the lawn makes it a favourite for many homemakers. Why not make the switch today?

artificial grass Nottingham garden
great for dogs

Dog Owners

Owning a dog can be a messy and tricky affair at times, especially with a grass lawn, which is why artificial lawns are an excellent alternative for dog owners. Not only do they greatly reduce the mess created by your four-legged friend, but contrary to many people’s assumptions, dogs also enjoy the look and feel of artificial grass. They’re happy and you’re happy, what more could you want as a pet owner?

Nurseries and Schools

Artificial grass makes for the ideal soft, safe, and clean surface for kids to play on at nurseries and schools. Active and happy children can often unknowingly turn a natural grass lawn’s puddle into a muddy danger zone, but with artificial turf, this is no longer a concern whatsoever. The children can run about and play to their heart’s content, and you can be assured knowing that the area is safe and clean. The soft artificial nature of these lawns also creates a softer surface so they’ll always have a soft and safe place to land, no matter what mischief they get up to. On top of this, the decreased cost of maintenance is also a large incentive to use artificial turf for such areas.

artificial grass playground
artificial grass football pitch

Sports Surfaces

Artificial grass surfaces are the ideal solution to many a sporting company’s turf issues, as well as being ideal for individual or family sporting use. The durable nature of artificial turf means that it holds up well against all of the regular wear-and-tear that you would expect during an intense game of sports. They hold up as an excellent alternative to grass surfaces regardless of conditions.

Huge mud puddles in the middle of the pitch will soon be a thing of the past once this switch is made. The reduced maintenance costs are also another attractive factor in favour of the idea of switching your sports surfaces from natural grass. You can choose any of our many varied artificial lawns that have been specifically designed for use in sports. This high-quality sport-oriented design makes these grass alternatives pretty hard to beat, leaving natural grass itself far behind in many areas.

Why Choose Us for your Nottingham artificial grass installation?

There are many benefits of switching to artificial turf over a traditional, grass lawn, which we are hopefully very evident at this point. But why should you choose us to install your synthetic turf? We always go above and beyond as a company to ensure that we deliver only the highest quality product and services to our customers, no matter what their individual needs and uses of the turf. From dog owners hoping to switch for their four-legged friends, to schools looking for a safe and clean alternative to natural grass, we strive to make sure every customer is given the perfect grass for their needs and that all queries are answered in a clear and friendly manner.

Our highly skilled and professional team ensures that all installations are superb quality. We make sure to operate in a timely manner, with installation speed and quality being a key factor that sets us apart from many of our competitors. Our friendly and respectful team is always open to communication with our customers and we always strive to provide the highest levels off communication and customer service to every one of our customers.

On top of this, we also offer entirely free consultations to prospective buyers before each job. In addition to this, we offer warranties with our lawns, ensuring that should any faults or damage to our products soon after their purchase and installation we will repair these damages. These additional features are no doubt very reassuring for customers who have had issues with damage to their lawns in the past. We guarantee our highest level of quality in repairs just as we do for our installations. With this reduced risk, many begin seeing artificial lawns as a far more attractive alternative.

We set out to ensure the ideal length, colour, and style of turf for your specific needs is selected before beginning our installation process. After which, we measure and confirm accurate measurements of your desired surface area and begin the process of installing the appropriate artificial grass. Our skilled team ensures the highest levels of quality and consistency during the installation process, making sure that every stage is carried out with excellence. We believe that this is a key factor to our success and what sets us apart from other sellers of Artificial Grass Nottingham offers.

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